Friday, January 16, 2009

Another post about toilet paper

This is what they did to the main quad at Wake Forest after the Deacons won a big game against Carolina:I'm not sure how I feel about a university that encourages TP-ing the Quad. I heard that the old basketball coach Skip Prosser even joined in with the students on a couple occasions. Doesn't it feel like officially condoning TP-ing would somehow take out all the fun?


vergelimbo said...

I have never really understood the rationale behind a winning team TP-ing their own backyard, or a city's sports team rioting and overturning cars in their own city after a national sports victory of some sort...
Soccer hooliganism in the UK and Europe [fans vs. opposing team fans in street brawls] I can understand as an extension of the "tribal" team vs team battle spilled out onto the streets and continued post game, but defacing or destroying one's own environment post victory seems ironically self-defeating.

Perhaps a "controlled" venting like TP-ing the quad serves to dissipate more potentially dangerous actions?

Michelle Woolley said...

It's kind of pretty in a way. Not what I would expect.