Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little bit of weirdo goes a long way

Last summer around this time I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago on a ticket I bummed from my friend C.C.B. (you're the best!), and was blindsided by the performance from the very strange Jamie Lidell (this is what I'm talking about...). Jamie brought no band, and so his performance mostly consisted of singing over the top of tracks. The total effect made me think of a very large-scale karaoke rendition of Stevie Wonder songs, but in the end this was forgivable. After all, I don't mind karaoke, and I love the Stevie, and the music was tight (or... whatever it is that the cool people say when music is cool). So I bought his first album Multiply, and proceeded to listen to many of the songs about 60 times (according to iTunes).

Anyway, Jamie Lidell's new album Jim just came out, and it is even better than the first. Jamie has really taken the 70's soul-thing he has going on to the next level, which is great. I have already listened to the first couple tracks about 30 times in the span of the week that I have owned it. And if you are my neighbor, you may have heard me belting out "Another Day" at full volume at two in the morning. For this, I apologize.

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