Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brunches in Winston-Salem

With the help of SarahSouth, JaryMane and others, I have been working hard to become an expert on Sunday brunches in Winston-Salem. Here are a couple highlights... I'll probably try to update this post retroactively from time to time.

Mary's, Of Course! The name is ridiculous, but the food is ridiculously good (I've probably been there a dozen times). They are very vegan friendly, which means JaryMane isn't resigned to eating side-salads or whatever it is vegans eat for breakfast at unaccommodating places. Also, very impressive/disturbing collection of Tammy Faye memorabilia. Faves: Breakfast burrito (w/ sausage); the tofu scrambles/burritos are terrific -- even for non-vegans.

Cat's Corner: I had never made it out to this place until about a month ago. I love the way the space is laid out - an open-air cafe with tables looking out into different stores around the Stevens Center. Faves: Andy's Pecan Crusted Trout (off the hook!)

Christopher's: This place is strangely located in a big house in the middle of a residential area. But the food is amazing, and eating here somehow makes you feel very classy and sophisticated. Faves: splurge and get the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese... they do NOT skimp on the lobster!

River Birch Lodge: I was staring hard at the Veggie Frittata on their menu - which comes with asparagus tips, tomato, red onion, roasted corn, eggplant, wild mushrooms, roasted red peppers and smoked cheddar cheese. I decided it was missing only one thing: ham. I asked them to add some to the frittata and they did so free of charge. It was so, so, so very good.... Faves: Veggie Frittata (w/ ham)

First St. Draught House:
A newcomer on the brunch scene. I went there w/ SarahSouth and co., and while they have some kinks to work out (instant grits?!) most of the food was pretty impressive. Also, where else can you get a pint of Guiness for breakfast? Faves: Carolina Crabcake Benedict.

...more to come! So much research to do...


jarymane said...

Come see me on Sunday morning!! Sweet Potatoes has brunch now, and I'm bartending this weekend. Totally non-vegan friendly, heavy on the breakfast meats, you will love it.

Michelle Woolley said...

mmmm...Mary's, Of Course! That place alone was practically worth the trip from DC. Though, next time, I want to try some of this Fraunch Toast!

Pamphilia said...

Winston's Eatery! Food AND Coffee are so much better than Mary's. Try the fried green tomato eggs benedict. It's in an old train station so the atmosphere's lovely too. And the staff- the nicest servers in all of NC, I think.

Pamphilia said...

PS Mozelle's is supposed to be great for Brunch too . . . But seriously, I used to like Mary's but have completely switched over to W.E.