Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Barry: 7th Wonder of Winston-Salem

Tonight I ended up at the IHOP on the corner of Silas Creek and Peter's Creek Parkways with about 18 people sitting at one enormous table. Our waiter Barry came to take our orders, and after he was through about a dozen of them, I realized that he wasn't writing these orders down anywhere. Some of these orders included requests to hold a couple ingredients, add some others, or requests for items not actually on the menu.

At this point I turn to my friend Laura and say, "I'll bet you 5 bucks that this guy screws up at least one order."

Laura quickly takes the bet. "You haven't been here before. Barry NEVER screws up an order."

True to form, Barry got every damn order correct, right down to the subtracted and added ingredients, and I had to hand Laura the fiver. I then proclaimed that "Barry was the 7th Wonder of Winston-Salem."

Laura then asks "What are the other six?"

Eh, still working on it.


sarahsouth said...



Aaron said...

Barry may not screw up an order but he sure doesn't do much for your gambling mojo.

-DW- said...

I think you're going to see me lose a lot of bets before this blog is through. Wanna bet on it?

Anonymous said...

If you're from Seattle, you can't be a Yankee, because there weren't hardly any white folk there at the time of the War of Northern Agression. (Unless of course you're a Yankee that moved to Seattle and then to the South.)If you must label yourself, 'Westerner' might fit better.

-DW- said...

Anonymous: Hmm... That's a tricky one. "A Westerner writes about life in the South" doesn't got the same zip to it.

Maybe "A Northwesterner writes about life in the Southeast." I'll think about it.

christina ruth isabelle said...

Followed a link from Laura.
Where in Seattle did you live previously?
I'm currently in Wuhan China by way of Tennessee by way of Edmonds, WA for most of my life (although with a healthy dose of England as my mum's from WA and my dad's born and raised in London)

Emily said...

I think the contra dance itself might be one of the wonders of Winston. What are the odds that however many people will congregate on a hall and folk dance for 2 hours? Particularly in a non-hippie town (e.g. Asheville).