Friday, August 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Just moved into my new place yesterday, and while everything is still in complete disarray, I've already discovered a couple things that are high on my list of favorite things about the house:
  • Cooking on the stove with gas burners. (Incidentally, this may also be the most likely thing to burn the house down.)
  • Filling the claw-foot bathtub with cold water for a soak after moving all day.
  • Looking out at the back patio when its raining, and pretending that I'm living somewhere in Europe (I don't know if this really makes sense, but it is a pleasant daydream nonetheless).
  • Getting hit with the smell of fresh rosemary as I walk down the steps to the house.


Lori said...

oooh, how lovely! is your new place in Ardmore? it sounds like it'd be in Ardmore, what with all the claw-foot tubs and wafting herb scents....

Anonymous said...

i suggest a housewarming party on that lovely patio asap!

veysey said...

I. Am. Reading. Your. Blog.

New place sounds nice!

Winston-Salem sounds ... TacoBellish.