Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Life Hands you Hamburger, Make Diamonds

I held my first barbecue of the year on a rainy day about a week ago, where I cooked hamburgers, sausages, and pulled pork barbecue. An ambitious plan, but I am an ambitious person. Some of the guests asked if there was anything I needed help with, and I demurred, saying that I had it all under control because I am a man and I don't need anybody's help on the grill because I can handle it myself okay so just get a drink and things will be done when they are done don't insult me with such a question already thanks bye-bye now.

In any case, after awhile I took the pork off the grill and disappeared into the kitchen to cut it into bite-size pieces. I suppose I became a bit too involved with this, as I came back 10 minutes later to find the whole grill was a flaming fireball. I snapped this picture about an hour later:
You can see the nicely carbonized hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. My favorite part is the plastic handle that you can see on the edge of the grill... if you look farther to the left you can see some metallic wire bristles that used to be attached to this handle. About a week later now I still haven't cleaned the grill because my damn grill brush is now... a permanent part of the grill. Just great.

I'll give it another go sometime soon.


jarymane said...


Esbee said...

Did the fine members of the WSFD have to be called?

Hilarious. (sorry!)

Philip said...

Cajun-style BBQ gone awry...Leave the bristle brush as a may have no choice...use the sausages as charcoal and draw a mandala on your patio to appease the Fire Gods.


Kate the Great said...

at least like what, half of them were edible? (kate and jess)

-DW- said...

Kate the Great? With comments like that I assume that you must have meant "Kate the Grate"