Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wending Our Way Through Crunchytown

A couple friends and I recently drove from Winston to the Smokies to see our friend Jenn get married (congrats! -- & more on the wedding later). Since my iPod was dead, we were reduced to listening to North Carolina radio for the entire trip. Which is awful... just awful. It seems like 95% of the stations are Christian Contemporary, or Pop-Country. Blech.

Luckily, a small oasis of music goodness was found when we passed through Asheville. We found a station there that was playing the Bluegrass Music Awards, and heard a couple gems. The one that really stuck out was Del McCoury's "Moneyland." I just thought it was awesome (here's a link).

We had enough time to make a lightning tour of Asheville before continuing to the wedding. We bought some cupcakes at "The Cupcake Corner" (a store which pretty much just sells... um... I can't remember), and then I got to the all-important task of seeing if I could locate some cold-brewed iced coffee for the road. We were on a tight schedule, so I wasn't quite able to find what I was looking for (more on this later also), but in half an hour we passed enough strange-looking people to convince me that Asheville truly was the great Granola Paradise I had heard so much about. Yes my friends: The legend is real.

In turn, this inspired me to write my own lyrics to be sung to the tune of "Moneyland."

Now it seems crunchy to me
When the people you see
Are reakin' of patchouli
As you wend your way through town

If you score some pot
Then you got a shot
To make more friends than not

If you pass that stuff around

You can go hikin' the Blue Ridge
Or catch a show at the Orange Peel

Spend some time at Malaprop's Books

Or find yourself a vegan meal

It's a crunchy nirvana
Stocked with marijuana

And its home to head shops

And white boys with dreadlocks

Its Crunchytown

Oh it might seem phony

'Til you're drunk and stoney

Its Crunchytown

Aaawooooooh, crunchy crunchy crunchy crunchy crunchy
Oooooh, hippie hippie hippie hippie hippie

Woooooooh, crunchy crunchy crunchy crunchy crunchy

Your clothes are made of hemp and you're chompin' on tempeh in Crunchytown

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Michelle said...

As if we needed more evidence of your awesomeness - nice lyrics!

And I'm glad that it's not just that I'm a musical elitist and that others note the suckiness of NC radio.