Monday, October 6, 2008

Thai Sawatdee Lives!

I talked to SarahSouth a week or two ago where she threw down this terrible piece of news: Thai Sawatdee -- the take-out Thai place in the Cloverdale Harris Teeter -- was closed! Gone! I was devastated.

But I soon discovered that the usually reliable SarahSouth had provided me with some unreliable info. Thai Sawatee was still there, still serving some of the best Thai food in town for the lowest prices around. In fact, it was never gone. Perhaps she was telling vicious lies. Perhaps she was delusional after a sugar high created by eating 12 donuts for $1.99, available just a few paces away from the take-out place in Harris Teeter's produce section. I know she drinks a lot of wine, so perhaps she was drunk. I don't know. But it is not important: I just wanted to get back to my Thai Sawatdee.

My friends Liz and Meghan were visiting from out of town, and and so we celebrated this by ordering amazing amounts of Thai food to bring back to my back porch. Afterwards, we erected a tower from the leftovers. I'll work through each level:

After lunch, Liz looks affectionately at our tribute to Thai food.
Level 1: Red Curry. Meghan ordered this, and it was very good. I didn't get the full experience because Meghan picked out all the pieces of eggplant for herself before I could try a single one. She said that these bits were the best of all, and that she was not interested in sharing.

Level 2: Green Curry. I ordered this, and specified that I wanted it at Spice Level 3 (is there a more elegant way to write this? Dunno...). The one complaint I have with Thai Sawatdee is that their food is usually underspiced by default, probably because of the local palette. Of course, they will make it as spicy as you like if you ask, but I have a tendency to forget this little detail.

Level 3: Tom Kha Soup. We all split two containers of this soup, made with coconut milk, mushrooms, tomatoes, and lemongrass. As you can see, almost all of it was gone at the end of the meal.

Level 4: Spicy Noodles. OK, you can't see in the box, but what's in there was delicious. Liz picked this one out per my suggestion... I order this entree all the time. The amount of food they give you with this is ridiculous (the box starts filled to the brim)!

Levels 5 and 6: Rice. The foundation of the Thai meal, and now the finishing touch on my Tasty Thai Tower.


George Peterson said...

Awesome. Like the blog - glad someone's finding entertainment here in Camel City. Someone mentioned this place to me the other day, and I tried to figure out where it was. This post ranked pretty high on Google.

jarymane said...

I totally want Thai Sawatdee right now. Damnit.

jarymane said...

That's what I get for reading your blog when I should be reading for Physio.

DarcyLaine said...

You eat a lot. And you write about eating a lot.

Good for you, friend.

-DW- said...

Hey Darcy -- food is a delicious thing. I am just trying to share the love.

George -- thanks for the comment! I am glad to know that my post is showing up high on Google. I've become a Google-whore, willing to sell out for a high Google ranking. (But I think I've basically confessed this in an earlier post already!)

Pamphilia said...

Thai Sawatdee totally rules. Have you tried their Larb? Apparently they are actually from Laos, and Larb is a Laotian specialty (this is what the lady there told me and Stephen). I'm trying to get them to put more Laotian stuff on their menu, like Khao Phu, which is the Laotian version of Pho, and from what I can tell is basically "Pho But Way Better" (with more toppings).