Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hip to be Square

About a month ago while sitting at Krankies one day, innocently drinking a Boddington's Pub Ale, I suddenly found a little square piece of wood shoved in my face... Doodles had enlisted me to create a piece of artwork for the Electric Moustache's "Square" exhibit.

After making a trip to Michael's to get art supplies, I went about making my first piece of artwork in several years, and to the best of my knowledge my first painting ever. Here it is, and my sister's are below:

I titled this one "European Rooftops" after taking photos of various
buildings I liked from Google images and smooshing them together.

Doodle's first picture, which she titled "Ganesh"

Doodle's second picture, "Simon Bolivar," modeled after a famous portrait.

The exhibit happened last week, and was accompanied by a silent auction. I was around for most of the auction, watching my picture from afar. I was amazed when someone actually placed a bid down (the first piece of art I've ever sold!). I resisted the temptation to walk up and talk to the bidder, as I imagined he would ask "what can you tell me about this painting?" and then I would say something stupid like "This is the first painting I've ever made... I was figuring out how to use acrylic paints as I was going along," and then the man would be filled with regret and try to scratch his name off the bid list.


sarahsouth said...

that is an AWESOME painting!

jarymane said...

Yeah, and then it got like 4 MORE BIDS, and sold for many dollars!!!

Lucy said...

Sincerely if you don't enter at least one thing in the Dixie Classic this year, I will be acutely disappointed.

Join me in the Artistic and Original Doorstop competition. Please. Also Doodles, if she's still about.

sarahsouth said...

tactless question: how many dollars is many dollars?

Pamphilia said...

Beautiful! You are both so talented. I would totally buy all three.

N said...

Gosh, you are both disgustingly talented. :P And I mean that in a totally good way...awesome art!

-DW- said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks to Cyndi for taking the photos for me :-P

I don't know that you want Doodles in that doorstop competition... she can be fierce! She draws cute, but when it comes to competition, she is tooth and claw.

Lucy said...

That's exactly why I want her. Spit and Vinegar, to combat the country kitsch that invariably wins!

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