Wednesday, November 26, 2008

STYLISTA betting pool

"Hannie" -- our hero(-ine)!!
Despite encouraging her readers to watch the CW show STYLISTA week after week... (...after week after week after week), SarahSouth confessed to me today that she probably would not find the show very interesting if it wasn't for the fact that one of her bestest friends in the world Johanna ("Hannie") was on the show. Shocker, I know! Her paraphrased words, not mine!

In contrast to FairweatherFan SarahSouth, who apparently will stop caring about the show the moment Hannie is eliminated, I have been thoroughly enjoying the show -- each seems to be replete with plenty of crying and catty verbal barbs. We even get occasional bonuses like a hospitalizing panic attack. But of course, there is a surefire way to make anything more interesting: senseless betting.

So although we are nearing the end, it is not too late to start a casual little STYLISTA betting pool. There are only five contestants remaining: Ashlie, DyShaun, Kate, Megan, and HANNIE(!). So here's the rules: Submit your predictions of the final ranks of the last five contestants any time between now and next Tuesday. After each week, you will get 1 point for predicting the people that will be eliminated by the end of that week. So for instance, if you think that Ashlie and DyShaun will be the eliminated in that order, but DyShaun is eliminated first followed by Ashlie the next week, you will receive zero points the first week (for failing to guess that DyShaun would be eliminated first), but two points the following week (for correctly guessing that both DyShaun and Ashlie would be eliminated by the end of that week). Etc.

To make it interesting, the winner at the end of the day will receive a paid lease for an apartment in downtown Manhattan, and a one-year clothing allowance at H&M valued at $100,000. Ties will be settled by deathmatch. Limit one vote per reader.


-DW- said...

I'll get the ball rolling. My votes:

#5 - Ashlie
#4 - Kate
#3 - DyShaun
#1(winner) - Megan

Yeah, that's right... I'm such a hater :-)

jarymane said...

5 - DyShaun
4 - Kate
3 - Megan
2 - Ashlie
1 - Hannie

I have seen this show two times.

DarcyLaine said...

I have never ever seen the show, but I love shit like this. So here goes:

#5- Ashlie
#4- DyShaun
#2- Kate
#1(winner)- Megan

Why? Alphabetical order.

Vyasman said...

although i don't follow this show with that much vigor, i love betting/gambling in general..

#5 - ashlie
#4 - megan
#3 - kate
#2 - dyshan
#1 - Hannie - da' winner..

jarymane said...

haha, "da winner"!! You are awesome :)

-DW- said...

Mike's votes are in, but apparently he needs me to post 'em:

#5: Dyshaun
#4: Kate
#3: Ashlie
#2: Megan

-DW- said...

Well, after one week, we have 0 points for anyone. Nobody picked Kate to leave this last week.

However, LOTS of people picked Kate to go next week. Many points remain to be had...

DarcyLaine said...

Can I revise my bets now that I watched the Stylista marathon on VH1 this weekend?

Go Johanna!!

-DW- said...

Let's see... Point tallies are now:

DW: 2 points!
JaryMane, DarcyLaine, Vyasman and Mike: 1 points!

Sorry DarcyLaine -- no takebacks. I always hated alphabetical order (I was always last), and so now I'm GLAD to see it suffer.

Season finale is tonight, and I have to admit that I'm rooting for HANNIE even if it means that I might lose ALL THE FAME AND GLORY that accompanies being the champion of the STYLISTA betting pool.


sarahsouth said...

did vyasman win?

-DW- said...

Yes, it looks like Vyasman takes down the prize! I haven't been able to find a way to score the last episode to make it so I win :-(