Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I located a list from my friend Michelle of the things she thought I should buy after my housewarming party:
- hot pads
- serving bowls
- baking sheet
- pizza stone
- grill utensils
- Swiffer
- chopping knives
This was all well and good, and I was working my way down the list just fine, until I realized only too late that the first item was actually "Hot Pads" and not "Hot Pants". The pictures from this misunderstanding are not shown. Instead, and as a little prelude to Halloween, I have posted a couple pictures of Bret buzzing around in B.F.F.'s fairy wings and generally looking pretty after Pumpkin Party #1 last weekend.


sarahsouth said...

i do have bed bath and beyond coupons up the whazooo if you need them

Michelle Woolley said...

Yay - I finally got a shout-out on your blog; boo that you didn't post photos of you in hot pants!

-DW- said...

Sorry Michelle, those pictures are only going to be seen by me. As for the shout-outs, I expect this will be the first of many to come! Now take care of business in Ohio, baby!

DarcyLaine said...

If you get all this sh&t, then what in the h%ll are you going to put on your wedding registry?