Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cool Kreme Trap

Doodles and I wandered into Krispy Kreme on Stratford to redeem a coupon I had scored for a free Cool Kreme ice cream cone. We wandered in, and were greeted by a cheerful cop who was on his way out.* "Make sure that you ask for a sample cone," he said, "it's free!"

So we ended up going to the counter and getting a cruller and a custard-filled doughnut and our free ice cream cones for a little over 2 bucks. After we handed her the money, the cashier handed us two MORE coupons for free Cool Kremes, meaning that we'll have to go back, I suppose.

As we were walking back to the car, eating ice cream and donuts:

Doodles: "I think that living in the south is going to turn me into a heifer."

Me: "There is no Doodles any more... There is only Helga."

Doodles: "I ate Doodles... she was tasty."

* Krispy Kreme was also running a promotional campaign at the time called "Cops on Doughnut Shops." Go figure...


Esbee said...

If having your sister about makes you a more consistent blogger, it's more than worth it.

Fair warning: I'll be you-know-where this morning; you'll want to avoid it.

jarymane said...

I love it :)

Pamphilia said...

When I drove by on Stratford Friday afternoon, there was a cop on the roof smiling and waving, and underneath him a sign that said "Cops on Tops." Right.