Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's Food Tip: Chili Chick-Fil-A

I was going to post some drawings my sister sent me for my next entry, but the scanner is down, so I have this instead -- which might be even better.

Genius struck today, and so we ended up with this for lunch:

Chick-Fil-A sandwich topped with generous amounts of chili and Texas Pete Hot Sauce, with a large side of chili.

The drink is an Arnold Palmer -- which is 50% unsweetened ice tea, and 50% lemonade. (I personally like it even less sweet, so I make mine with about a 75/25 ratio.)

I was not sure how it would work, but it was fucking amazing, so now I am trying to spread the Chili Chick-Fil-A love. I would recommend this with a high quality chili, like my 54th Annual Ardmore Chili Cook-Off Award winner.

Other delicious and unusual food ideas while we're at it:

Chicken McNugget with Frostie. It would be ideal if you could get McDonald's Chicken McNuggets to dunk in a Wendy's Frostie, but taking the equivalent food item from either venue is almost as good and shouldn't be avoided. Of course, many people will recognize this as a signature feature of my "Chicken McNuggets Go With Everything" campaign.

Hot Dog in Twinkie. This idea is not mine, but was obtained from Weird Al's movie UHF (here is a recipe from an independent admirer). Of course, I thought it was worth a try, and it was awesome. Or awful. I tried this a couple years ago and can't remember which anymore, which I guess means that you will definitely need to try it yourself. I would recommend a high quality hot dog for this one (something like a Hebrew National).

Coleslaw with Anything. This excellent idea is also not mine, but is something like the motto of Pittsburg, PA. Coleslaw can be added to hot dogs, hamburgers, and most everything else to devastatingly tasty effect. If by chance you are presented with the opportunity to combine coleslaw on top of a cajun chicken sandwich (an opportunity I first encountered at Urbana's bar "The Office") then you win! Because that is a mighty tasty combo my friends.


sarahsouth said...

you know how people who decide to be vegan live the rest of their lives answering the question, "so why are you vegan?"

all they'll need to do from now on is refer people to your post.

jarymane said...

Which would lead them to the natural conclusion that they, too, should become vegan. Really, I can't imagine a more effective means of persuasion... your lunch would turn a T-Rex omnivorous.

MAC said...

thanks, DW. i am also partial to "douche-pop." enjoy!

-DW- said...

Girls, just because it looks like a bloody stool sample doesn't mean it ain't the food idea of the year.

Gotta trust me on this one! Am I just not advertising it well enough?

Michelle said...

You learn well, grasshopper. More coleslaw, fewer comments about stool samples - eww!

Lori said...

my personal favorite odd food combination: yellow bell pepper with feta and smoked salmon. YUM. and if you cut the peppers into little canoes, then fill them with feta and lay the salmon across the top, it becomes a fun little finger food!